Turn your head and cough please

I promised wifey I would get a physical before the big race.  So there I sat yesterday in the sterile doc’s office waiting to be poked and prodded.  I haven’t had a full physical in probably 2+ years, so I was actually curious myself if all the parts were still in working order.  After a series of tests I’m happy to report I’m good to go for IMLOU.  In fact, the doc reported that I have the lungs of a 20 year old – whoo hoo.  Whether or not this makes a difference on Sunday remains to be seen, but it’s still kinda cool nonetheless.


3 Responses to “Turn your head and cough please”

  1. Lungs of a 20yr old, brains of a 10 yr old, and striking good looks of a 90 yr old! You’re all set for raceday!

  2. That comment was from JW…

  3. haha. jealousy is an evil thing!

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