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my pool

Even though my training plan doesn’t call for any sort of swimming for another couple months I decided to shun the authorities and swim some laps this morning.  I don’t know why I’ve felt the urge to do something that before last year I couldn’t stand to do, but the force was with me today.  I was in the pool by 6:45 and home by 8am.  Swam 750 meters which is just under half of a mile.  Obviously nothing to write home about, but the goal was to just get the blood flowing again and see how my body would hold up.  Mission accomplished.



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I just finished my bike test.  It’s a 42 minutes test in which one bikes as hard as they can for 20 minutes, takes a 2 minute rest (still pedaling in a low gear) and then gets at it again for another 20 minutes.  The point of the test is to calculate what’s known as your FTP or Functional Threshold Power.  I won’t go into all the nitty gritty of why one even needs to know their FTP – all you need to know is the test sucks.

I wanted to write this immediately after I got off the bike just so I could look back and remember how bad this really sucked.  Just to paint a quick picture – I was thhhhhiiiisss close to seeing my dinner all over my shoes around minute 26.  Afterward I finished, I collapsed in a heap lying on the floor for probably a good 3 minutes.  I slowly made my way up what seemed like 13 incredibly high steps from my basement to my shower, legs shaking all the while.

What’s really sad is that I understand this is one of those necessary evils.  I know I’ll have to do this in another 8 weeks and I know it’ll suck just as bad, but I’m still going to get at it.  I know it’s better for me in the long run.  Not too many people understand this and I guess that’s okay.  I know other triathletes are reading this though and nodding their head.


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Last night wifey says to me “you know, this whole thing with you not working out has been really nice.  We’ve been getting to spend a lot more time together.”  Damn!  Having never been accused of being a quick thinker, this was one of those times where I needed to reply with something rather prompt.  It’s not that I don’t love spending time with my better half, in fact I agree it’s been great seeing her and the kids more, it’s just that I already feel tremendous guilt for not working out the past month or so.  I swiftly responded with a smile, nod, and a kiss.  Not exactly Casanova, but it’s the best I could come up with.

The point of me rehashing this conversation is that I now know I essentially need to find a better way to get more of these workouts in in non-peak hours.  With that said, this morning I decided to get up a bit earlier, drive in to work, change at the gym here at my office and do my run test before work.  Turns out other than being bitterly cold (see above pic – temp gauge in my car read 5 degrees F), this actually worked out really well.  From here on out I will try to get all of my weekday run workouts in using this same schedule.  This blog is “A father’s journey toward becoming an Ironman” – this is only one of the many wrinkles countless father’s in my same situation will face in preparation for the big race.

After all said and done, my 5k time was 21:02 for an average pace of 6:46.  This is actually the same number I had for my week 1 test, but considering it was insanely cold and I hadn’t ran in 5 weeks I’ll take it.

Garmin Data

Week 8

Posted in Workouts on January 24, 2011 by eeodim


Run Test.  Run a 5k Time Trial – The goal is to hold a pace you can sustain for the full duration of the test without blowing up and without having a lot left to kick at the end.  Time to see how much my running has improved since week 1.


Bike Test.   The goal is to calculate your Functional Threshold.  MS: 2 x 20′ (2′).  Record each 20′ segment as interval.   Including the 2′ rest period, normalized watts for the 42′ is your Functional Threshold.


Rest day.


Bike – 2 x 15 (4′) @ 95-100%/Z4/Hard. Remainder of time at 80-85%/Z3/Mod-Hard (60′ total)

Run – 25′ @ EP/Z1/Easy


Rest day.


Bike – 2 x 12′ (4′) @ 95-100%/Z4/Hard. Then 1 x 6′ (5′) @ 95-100%/Z4/Hard. Then 2 x 15′ (2′) @ 80-85%/Z3/Mod-Hard (75′ total)


Run – 40′ @ EP/Z1/Easy (45′ total)



‘ – mins

(x’) = anything in parentheses is the rest interval. Just ride/run easy for x minutes or seconds.

2 x 1 – An interval set of 1 mile done twice. Often shown with a rest interval in parenthesis afterwards as in 2 x 1 (4′).

run zones:  z4, z3, z2, z1 = 7:12, 7:22, 7:40, and 8:57 min / mile paces

bike zones: z4 = 142-147 HR, z3 = 135-141 HR

MS – Main set

HMP – Half Marathon Pace

MP – Marathon Pace

TP – Threshold Pace

EP – Easy Pace


Today’s Gift

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I received the following email from a good friend yesterday who also happens to be an Ironman in training.  I can’t stress enough how great it is to have fellow comrade’s who can sympathize with what your’e going through on a daily basis.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been a bucket of excuses lately – an email like this was the right medicine at the right time.

You’ve got to create a dream.
You’ve got to uphold the dream.
If you can’t, go back to the factory
or go back to the desk.
–Eric Burdon

We develop goals, priorities, and action steps. We feel energized and ready to move full speed ahead. But midway, as our momentum picks up, new thoughts enter our mind. Do I really want this? What if it creates new problems for me? If I reach this goal, I’ll have nothing to look forward to.

Being wishy-washy gets us nowhere. These thoughts are the ego’s way of looking for obstacles. We acknowledge the doubts and then quickly cast them aside and move forward with complete conviction, like a warrior. If the goal still feels right, we keep moving ahead. We know in our hearts that doing what we believe in keeps us on the right path.

Today I will believe in my goals.



Do or Do not.

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I’m currently supposed to be on a 20 week plan in preparation for Louisville (note the words ‘supposed to be’).  The plan was somewhat derailed by my 3-4 week hiatus do to a nasty virus.  I’ve been searching for the motivation to get back on the bike (and run), but I keep finding excuses.  Snow, family, I’ll do it later, yada yada …  Every 8 weeks my plan calls for me to test myself on the progress I’ve made.  I missed my last opportunity due to the sickness and to be honest I keep making excuses – every day a new one arises.  Anyway, a friend who’s also on the same workout regimen asked me today if I was going to test this weekend.  My response “I think so.”  He countered quickly, I’m going to send you something and hung up the phone.  He sent me this:

Who knew Yoda would be my good kick in the a$$?

Do or Do not.  There is no try.


Q is for “Quiet”

Posted in Happy Thoughts Library on January 13, 2011 by eeodim

Within the last month or so I’ve unintentionally scared the crap out of wifey three times.  I think once I was walking around the corner and she was distracted.  She jumped about 10 feet in the air after almost bumping into me.  Another time I was lying on the bed watching TV, the room was dark and If I remember correctly she didn’t have her glasses on.  I said something to her and again she almost jumped out the window because she didn’t know I was in the room.  I forget the exact details of the last time, but I know it ended with me on the floor dying of laughter.  Every time this happens I affectionately joke that the reason she doesn’t know I’m there is because I’m a ninja.  Every time she rolls her eyes and says something to the effect of “Yeah, whatever.  I got your ninja right here.”  I can’t help but laugh when thinking of this.  So when I’m running past the mile 17 marker (Q is 17th letter in alphabet) hopefully I’ll be able to crack a smile when thinking that I’ll be the first ninja to finish an Ironman.